Tuesday, 3 February 2009


  • Let's get the big one out of the way first. Hull fence Sheffield tomorrow, for the league. I think we ought to win, simply on the strength of our sabre team, of which I am probably the weakest member. I know, I know, it's just university sport. Hull though set out its criteria for awarding colours and half-colours (as in "I won a blue for rowing, don't you know", except with a sort of purple and gold combination) for sport a few years back, and winning your league was one of those set down for half-colours. This is my last chance to win them, and probably my best, so I'd quite like to.
  • After that, we go on to face Bangor 2nds in the cup. Team captain Scott has just informed me that the finals will be broadcast on Channel 4 (presumably at some ungodly hour they haven't got anything else to fill), so that might be interesting.
  • On a front that doesn't involve whacking strangers with swords, an insight into the editorial process of a novel. You submit, and they accept, and the copy-editor makes an entirely reasonable suggestion for a change that eliminates a small logical problem. And even though you've told yourself that this is all good, and you're going to be very helpful, there's still the urge to snatch up the manuscript, shouting "no, my baby! I won't let them hurt you!". Thankfully, after a little bit of this, you then decide to actually read the passage in question, and grudgingly accept that something about it might, just might, need changing. Then, after agonising about how best to do it, you make more or less the change the nice editory person suggested in the first place.
  • I've also crept past the 60000 word mark on the novel, which still seems like slow going. Still, I'll keep plugging away.


englishcoach said...

How'd it go against Sheffield?

stu said...

We lost horribly. By the time it got round to the sabre, we needed to win something like 45-9 to win the match, making the efforts of myself and the other two sabreurs largely irrelevant.

englishcoach said...

Och, well no pressure then eh? :-((
Shame though, you'll be disappointed no doubt.