Friday, 20 February 2009

Complete rewrite?

Although I haven't quite got to the end of the novel, I'm currently having a bit of a read through of it. This is because I'm starting to wonder if I haven't made a couple of fairly fundamental errors with it that will ultimately handicap how good it can be. I suspect that my main character isn't 'main' enough, for a start, and that recasting her role in events might result in a better work. I'm reading through in the hope that I'm wrong, because while I feel there are several sections I might be able to salvage almost intact, having to totally rewrite everything would be a bit of a pain.

Again though, this is going to have to wait. I'm at the sharp end of the PhD, and also need to work through the requirements of my credit-getting module. That means I've got an academic book review to put together (meaning that I've got to remember not to do it the way I might do a review here) and also a presentation on the Battle of Fulford. Preferably one that doesn't refer to it as a "no score draw".


Lisa Guidarini said...

See, now this is the reason I quit writing fiction. It's too dratted hard.

Alex Moore said...

yikes. i did a complete rewrite over christmas. line by line. scene by scene. conflict by dratted sequence of conflict. much better book in the end :) so, i commiserate and applaud your efforts!

Peter said...

Wow! Good luck with that! I've had to add in chapters and scenes.. and the reread the whole to thing to make sure they don't conflict with anything else.. but a complete rewrite.. wow.. I shudder in awe :)

I'm sure it'll be great either way!