Thursday, 29 January 2009


  • My copy of Rachel Green's 'An Ungodly Child' has finally arrived in the post. So far it's about as good and laid back a take on the apocolypse as you can find outside of the Pratchett/Gaiman collaboration 'Good Omens', even if nothing can quite live up to that standard.
  • On monday I start the second of my 'I have to get some credits to complete the PhD' modules. It's potentially something of a bannana skin course, since it's on Yorkshire in the years immediately after the Norman Conquest. Given that my PhD is based in Yorkshire in the years immediately after the Norman Conquest, I'm going to look an idiot if I don't get close to full marks.
  • I'm currently stuck in the mid 50k of the novel, but that's ok, since I'm supposed to be concentrating on the PhD anyway at the moment. At least until I do something with the pair of unsold ones I've got lying around, I can afford to take things a little slower.
  • There's less than a week until Hull's fencing team meets Sheffield in the match that will decide who wins our league. Cue everyone turning up and desperately trying to remember which end you're supposed to prod people with.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous! I hope you enjoy the book! There's a little fencing in it, as I was in a rapier group* when I wrote it.

*in Sheffield

stu said...

Rapier groups in Sheffield? That's actually something of a surprise. I'd have thought the presence of James Williams would have pushed practically everything in the city down the ultra-competitive end of the sport fencing route.