Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I didn't place in the Yorkshire Sabre at the weekend. I only made it as far as the last eight before running into the chap who went on to win it. I could blame exhaustion from lack of sleep, or a pulled muscle from the bout before, but those excuses would all be lies. He was simply considerably better with a sabre.

I've decided that the best approach for rewriting the historiography on the PhD is to re-do it from scratch. Normally, I like to rework things from the existing draft, keeping some bits and changing others. I know there's a school that says you should rewrite everything, but I think computers make that excessively convoluted. At the very least, open a new file and paste in the bits you actually like. This time though, everything's too tangled up for that, and a couple of the problems are structural, so I'm starting again.

I've decided to write quite a lot of short and light poems, since the novel has pushed poetry a bit to the side for me at the moment. These should at least allow me to keep my hand in.

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