Monday, 29 December 2008


  • No books for Christmas other than some strange 'How to do just about everything' one.
  • As a result, I resorted to hitting the sales (also known as getting as far away from the house as possible) acquired the complete works of Shakespeare in hardback for £3. Apparently I'm the only person in my part of Yorkshire who would read it for fun.
  • I've also started reading a children's book called 'Sword of Davalon' by Tom Jolley, who is local to me. A review will probably follow, if I can remember not to be too picky about something aimed at the 8-12 market.
  • But before I do that, I've got yet more work to do on the PhD, which should be getting into its end stages. I just want the thing finished, though that will get me out of university just in time to hit the declining job market.
  • As a result, I've not been doing that much work on the novel. Frankly, I've still got a couple to sell before it, so it's not a priority.

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