Thursday, 11 December 2008


  • I've been fact and reference checking on the PhD, which means that all those times I've thought 'I know it's in there somewhere, but I don't want to break my writing flow to look up the page' have come back to haunt me.
  • Adagio Verse Quarterly have their chapbook competition on at the moment, which means I've been writing poetry frantically. The difficulty is that the thing has to follow a theme, and I normally wouldn't write enough consistently on one thing.
  • The first Test between England and India is underway after initial security concerns following the attacks on Mumbai. I'm glad they decided to go. After all, it's not like Britain is exactly safe at the moment, is it?
  • I went to see HU Drama Society's production of Cinderella the other day, mostly because a friend of mine was in it. Thankfully, she played her part quite well, but much of the rest of it was truly awful. And not even in a fun way.
  • I've learned that Pavels Guzanov is at York University. I know who I'll be going out to in the Yorkshire Sabre then.


englishcoach said...

Have you ever, I wonder, thought about how devilishly difficult it is to explain panto to someone NOT born and brought up in the UK? The principle boy is a girl and widow Twanky is a man (it still is like that isn't it?), the audience all join in, and it's de rigueur for every major, and indeed minor, celeb in the country? And this only happens at Xmas, which is a time you might expect even the most secular of societies to at least pay lip-service to Christianity. It's like some kind of weird parallel universe. Idea for a fantasy story there? Panto World.


stu said...

Or possibly a highly popular theme park.

englishcoach said...

Right, one where the punters are charged thirty quid to get in and then offered a few shopping opportunities in wooden sheds on a muddy car park. Isn't that just guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy?