Tuesday, 9 December 2008

It's behind you

It's the season for, among other things, pantomimes. As such, I'll be going to the Hull University Drama Society's production of Cinderella shortly.

Other things it seems to be the season for:

  • Salvation Army bands who have never heard of counterpoint. Stick one reasonably avid guitarist and a couple of pianists in a cafe opposite some of them (as happened when myself, Tim and Scott were on the way back from Nottingham) and it's hard not to cringe.
  • Incredibly over the top light displays. People who might otherwise turn off every light they aren't using will still shove several miles of fairy lights around their houses. If every house on a street does this, I suspect there might be a chance of light aircraft mistaking it for a runway.
  • Slush, ice and other things that aren't nearly as much fun as snow. It's traditional to make fun of the British weather, but truthfully, we don't get the really bad stuff that often. What we get instead is awkward, nothing weather- drizzle, sleet, occasional bursts of hailstones. It's hard to have a proper snowball fight with sleet.
  • Grumpy people such as myself making lists.

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Lisa Damian said...

I love lists, but I'd describe myself as more sarcastic than grumpy, with occassional bursts of perkiness. (I have no idea where it comes from.)

As for snow, here in Chicago, it's been white falling from the sky all day. It's pretty, but absolutely treacherous for driving at the moment. That's why I'm inside by the fire with my laptop.