Monday, 8 December 2008

BUCS individuals

I went to the British Universities and Colleges Sports individual fencing tournament yesterday, driving down to Nottingham just for the sabre. I could have stayed over the weekend instead, but didn't feel like fencing the foil or epee. Naturally, they'd managed to pick the coldest day of the year so far for the trip down, so East Yorkshire's back roads weren't exactly fun.

I'd promised myself that I wasn't going to take this competition too seriously, since that tends to leave me as a nervous wreck barely able to compete. Even so, since this is probably the last student tournament I'll be doing, I wanted to do reasonably well.

First a note on Hull's other entrants. Apparently they didn't do as well as they'd hoped. The official results for the men's epee are up on the BUCS website, and our highest placed competitor was 85th. He probably made it to about 64th in the foil too, which is more than thirty places lower than he managed last year. Really, we needed some sort of positive result from the sabre.

I'd like to think I did ok. I finished second in my pool to the eventual third place winner, and was placed 28th at that point. I had a bye to the last 64 as a result, and won my first match of direct elimination to take me to the last 32. Unfortunately, my next match wasn't even close. I ran into a Latvian student who beat me 15-6, though he then went on to lose to the guy who'd won my pool. Exactly where I'll finished based on that will depend on how all the other fights went, but a last 32 place seems reasonable, and hopefully I've seen some areas that will allow me to improve.

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