Thursday, 13 November 2008


It's curious the reputations people or groups get. Take Durham's 2nd men's fencing team, who we beat yesterday. Being Durham, and therefore trained by former Hungarian national sabre coach Lazlo Jacab, we expected a specialist sabre team. What we got, instead, was a decent foil and epee outfit who we then beat comprehensively in the weapon they had the reputation for being best at. Leeds, on the other hand, had a reputation for being obnoxious, but last year those particular members had graduated, leaving a perfectly pleasant team.

Think about the sorts of reputations you have for a moment. There will be more than one, depending on the range of roles you fulfil in life. How would people think of you as a blogger, or a writer, or, in my case, as an historian? More to the point, does that tally with the way you want to be perceived in those roles. Thankfully, most of us are sufficiently unknown that we can change reputations with only a little work.


trickylittleimp said...

Very interesting (and timely for me, Stu).

How many of us (lots? few?) really get how (or consider) how others see us? The airhead/frowner/busy/thoughtless/smiley one? All because of how we behave - ie, usually totally within our own control. Real food for thought.

englishcoach said...

But how would I know what reputation I have?