Wednesday, 29 October 2008


  • I've spent much of the afternoon deleting tab indents on the second draft of the sequel and replacing them with automatic first line indents, which is about the most boring of the sort of necessary formatting things that needs doing. Just going through quickly like that gives more of a sense of the pacing of the thing, and how it needs to be altered. My main worry at the moment is the amount of information being introduced, and making that as natural seeming as possible. I could just eliminate it, but with something intended to be a continuing series, it seems important to develop other plot strands beyond the main one, so that I can build from them later or use them as continuing elements.
  • That said, going back to something after leaving it for a while to write other things is a weird experience. Not least, that's because you've inevitably learned more about writing since then, and so the problems left in the thing are more apparent. Of course, if I can see them, I can have a go at fixing them.
  • England won their warm up match against Trinidad and Tobago by 1 run last night, having fielded a team consisting of all 11 of those players who weren't laid low by stomach bugs. I still think that Graham Swann is a much better spinner than Samit Patel, but I suspect that the England management team doesn't agree with me, so I'm not expecting to see him on the park come Saturday's $20 million match. It's almost like they think they know more about cricket than me or something.
  • One thing I do know is the name of the spectator who keeps showing up in Hull's soccer kit on the TV footage, because I happen to have played cricket with Ashley. Strange how people show up in odd places.
  • Grants to England's undergraduate students have been cut as of next year, thanks to there being more of them than expected. Aside from my own complaint about the much more limited funding for postgraduate study in the UK, I'd like to say that cutting funding so suddenly is irresponsible, since it gives the students and their families no real time to set aside additional money. Is it too cynical to note that this sort of thing might not be happening if the Prime Minister weren't Scottish, thus ensuring that his children would come under the much more generous provisions put into place by Scotland's devolved regional parliament?

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Alex Moore said...

i love random tidbits, coincidences, happenings... my secret smile throughout the day usually coincides with one or two.