Tuesday, 21 October 2008


  • I wrote my assessed piece for my archive skills course earlier. It's remarkably difficult to write just 2000 words when you're in the middle of something that could be up to 50 times that much.
  • It's Hull's first fencing match of the season tomorrow afternoon, against Bradford. Now that the BUSA fencing structure has been reorganised, we're in the unusual position of possibly being favourites to win our league. If we can get our strongest side out with any sort of consistency, we should have a reasonable foil and epee set-up, along with the strongest three-fencer sabre combination we've been able to put out in years. It all depends on what time my unnaturally tall friend Olly gets out of his morning lectures.
  • I got hold of a copy of The Graveyard Book earlier today, though I've got several other things I'm reading first.

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