Thursday, 16 October 2008


  • I find myself writing short stories centred around beer for no particular reason, other than that a couple of nice scenes in pubs cropped up in the comic fantasy novel I've been working on. It's a useful thought that: that you can go through longer pieces and pick out little scenes that, re-done and re-imagined, might work as additional short stories. Still, since I don't drink, this is still slightly odd.
  • I've really got to get round to writing the essay for my archive skills module. It's just that, because I have to do it, I'm putting it off until I really have to do it. See, I can remember how to do this studenting stuff.
  • In the great alternate v economy picking debate, I'm back to alternate picking, again. I give it a month.
  • One of the stranger facets of keeping a blog: the other day I mentioned it in the bio for a short story, and now the lovely editory people have asked to use a poem and a short essay off here.
  • I really must get better at titles. Not just blog titles.
  • I keep writing short stories for a character I made up as a joke. The trouble is, with what's becoming a bit of an ongoing series of essentially quite daft stories, I'm not sure what to do with them next. I'm sure a thought will occur.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like your first point here, I've made haiku out of longer poems I've been working on. I like the sound of your 'daft short stories' there must be a market for those...

Karen said...

It's me again, I seem to be turning into some kind of weird stalker.
Can I ask you a question? I would seem to be a bear of very little brain, 'cos I don't understand what you mean by alternate or economy picking - could you explain?

April Boland said...

Coming up with titles is my Achilles' heel too.