Friday, 3 October 2008


Things I've been doing:

  • Starting to read Frankenstein, which is ok, but seems to have a couple of minor flaws. Maybe the rest of the book will make up for it.
  • Trying to remember how to wave a sword about properly. I might actually have to make an effort to get into the university team for once, so I am.
  • Starting short stories and then deleting them. I've been trying to force myself to write them, when I'm clearly not in the mood.
  • Learning to crochet from my mother. Curiously she seems to think that 'bogie hook' isn't the proper term for the main implement.
  • Digging out all of my old paints and finding out which were dried up. I also produced a painting of a tree better suited to a ten year old, but I'm going to pretend I didn't. I'm not going to let a complete lack of any discernible talent stop me, or I'd never get anything done.


Lisa Damian said...

As I keep telling my five-year-old daughter, "The more you practice sweetie, the better you get." I'm just impressed that you juggle so many different interests, sports, and creative pursuits, not to mention the whole PhD thing. If you were a supremely talented painter too, surely you'd be impossible to live with.

Andi said...

I call crochet hooks - the pink one, the blue one, the purple one - color coding, bogie hook - works for me.

stu said...

Lisa, I AM impossible to live with, trust me.

Andi- Then preumably you'll agree with me that knitting needles are in fact 'poking-sticks'