Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First Fencing

Some things are inevitable for the first fencing session of the year. We'll spend an inordinate amount of time standing around waiting for things to be organised. There will never quite be enough kit to go around, and the fencers who said 'yes I'm really good' a week ago will turn out to be... ok, I guess.

Actually, one of our new sabreurs is all right, and should mean that we have a strong sabre segment in the team this year, but our perpetual worries over epee and foil remain. Actually, my perpetual worries over epee and foil are that someone will make me fence them, and at least we're probably going to avoid that.

It's just a pity really that our Athletics Union has decided to make Monday nights 'AU training night' and to cram as many clubs as possible into the evening. It means two things that I can see. Firstly, half the people who said they might give fencing a go have been given better things to do on a monday, in the form of other sports training. Secondly, we have to switch from our reasonably large training hall to a tiny upstairs salle half way through, which gets remarkably cramped with even just the dozen experienced fencers trying to squeeze in. Still, at least we've got the whole place on friday. For some reason, students can think of better things to do on a friday night than prod people with swords. Weirdos.


bert said...


Thought this film would be of interest to you and club



stu said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I'll probably mention it to assorted people, though I tend to stay away from classical fencing as a rule, and from examining the contents of my head while I'm fencing even more.