Friday, 26 September 2008


  • It's suprisingly hard to create good, serious copy. Not only have I been trying to put together some short articles, which is proving hard enough, but also I had to come up with something for Hull University's Fencing Club, because the AU wanted 100 words on each of their sports. Trying to pare everything down to 100 words while still trying to attract people to the club was surprisingly difficult, despite the selling point that you get to hit complete strangers with swords.
  • My poem 'Tea Ceremony' has gone up here:
  • I'm about half-way through the first batch of rewrites on the novel. So far I haven't run into anything that needs huge amounts of changing, which maybe shows that this planning-it-in-detail-first stuff works. Or I'm utterly blind to my own faults, one or the other.
  • Yorkshire's cricket team probably won't get relegated to the second division of the County Championship after all. Yay!


Still said...

Checked Tea Ceremony, what an end. Like a slap in the face. Great tale in that read. I cannot get over the end.

Thanks for the tip. I see you enjoyed the view and I made the adjustment. Probably a habit there I have to watch it.

selonus said...

When you say "the novel" are you referring to your Ph.D. dissertation? Or an actual novel? :P

stu said...

Still- Glad you liked it, and to have been of help.

Selonus- It's a novel. I've got one novel that's currently out submitted to a small publisher, the sequel to that which was written to about a second draft after the first one was accepted by someone else only for them to pull out of the publishing business completely, and this one, which is essentially a sort of comic fantasy number along the lines of Tom Holt or Terry Pratchett.