Friday, 12 September 2008


  • I've finally started reworking the novel, though I didn't get much done today.
  • I've been playing around with a short story idea after coming up with what I thought was a nice title, only to realise I didn't have anything else.
  • I've put in a request for some credit exemptions at the university based on my previous post graduate training scheme stuff. In a couple of weeks, I should find out whether I'll need to take any modules to make up credits or not.
  • I spent most of the morning frantically backing things up after suddenly realising I hadn't done it for ages. If the computer gremlins got to the clapped out thing I work on, I'd lose hundreds of thousands of words of work. It took a while, because the computer in question is sufficiently old fashioned to only take floppy disks. Its main advantage is that, because it has no modem, nasty viruses aren't likely to get in.


Heather said...

floppy discs?? seriously? the old sort that are actually floppy? you are a brave soul my blogging friend.

stu said...

It's a very old computer, but it has the advantage that the internet gremlins can't get it. I suppose I'll have to update at some point, but not yet.