Sunday, 7 September 2008


  • Today is apparently Australia's endangered species day, which has no particular connection to me beyond a certain interest in the thylacine, which has been extinct since 1936
  • I'm trying to get my brain back into short story gear. After spending so long writing the novel, it's hard to suddenly switch back to things that are dealt with in a few thousand words. The one idea I have feels like the sort of thing that would need a certain amount of space to breathe.
  • To that end, I'm trying to come up with a stock of basic ideas by asking myself what stories I wish had been written. Maybe something will catch my attention.
  • I'm getting stuck into a draft for my PhD's conclusion. It's probably the most fun part, since I've already gone through all the facts and detail. It means I don't have to stop every couple of lines to check references. I can just write for once. That's the part of the PhD that's hardest, and what sets it aside from writing fiction, or even a lot of non-fiction. You think you're just going to write for the best part of a hundred thousand words, but you don't really build momentum. It's always write...pause...check fact...write...


Stephanie said...

Pffft! Fact checking is for suckers. Heh heh heh.

stu said...

Suckers who want to pass the PhD.