Wednesday, 3 September 2008


  • I've been reading Robert Asprin's Dragons High, and so far I'm not impressed. It seems the man forgot how to write well while he was busy collaborating. This needs a serious edit.
  • A faint possibility that I might be lining up a bit of work in the history department. Apparently, someone needs a grad student to assist with the archive work, blog entry collation and interview transcription for their current project.
  • I'm back writing poetry. I'm thinking of entering the Telegraph's poetry competition. 180 words or less on relationships. I can't remember the url, so anyone else who's interested, just go through
  • I'm also trying to collect together enough good work for a competition for full length collections. 60-65 pages on any subject. Again, I've forgotten the details, but I'll put them up when I remember. I was listening to Steve Morse's Split Decision while I picked things out, so I've largely alternated between the deathly serious and the lighter stuff.


Scott said...


I doubted Facebook was your sort of thing, so may have Googled you...

Anywho, the dates for the AU fayre (am I one of the few that spell it that way?) are set and I thought I'd see what you were up to on the day.

Send me an email to since you're sans mobile.

stu said...

I spell it the same way, since the other spellings of fair and fare both mean something completely different.

stu said...

Also it's important to note the crucial difference between not having a mobile and simply forgetting to turn the thing on.