Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Silly Poem

A silly poem about my occasional tendency to write poems about cheese. Yes, I know it's weird, but I'm easily bored. Also I tend to send out my serious poems so that they can sit on people's desks for a few weeks before being rejected. It's a nice holiday for them.

A Poem About Cheese Poems

I’m writing poems about cheese
Nothing you can do to stop me
Not cry, rage, threaten or say please
Or place large weights atop me

Cheese poems are, you say, perverse
Strange, weird, and so you pester
I grin and set my thoughts to verse
On cheddar and Red Leicester

I cannot say what set me off
On products made of milk
Just that I love to rhyme with Brie,
And others of that ilk

You said I didn’t give a damn
About you and you left dear
But left me rhyming with Edam
And so I didn’t quite hear

But now, my sweet, for you I’ve gone
And stopped, I’ve given up the ghost
Instead, I’ll write my poems on
Cornflakes, marmalade and toast


Heather said...

LOL One on marmalade!! hehe

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is great fun, very entertaining. I hope your serious poems have fun vacations and get accepted somewhere along the way...

stu said...

Actually, one of them just showed up in the autumn edition of words-myth, next to a couple of yours.

Still said...

Now that made me hungry. I enjoy your site think I'll read some more. Thanks.