Friday, 19 September 2008

Registration Build Up

Earlier I completed a draft of the conclusion to the PhD, which means I've now got versions of all of it. It's just a question of rewrites and alterations from now. I've also begun the process of re-registering for next year (otherwise known as ten days from now) but I've got to settle old debts first. The university thinks I owe it the grand total of 60p for something. I'm not entirely sure what, but since I won't be allowed to register when I owe them money, I'll be along to the finance office with a bag full of 1p coins first thing Monday.

I'm also thinking of volunteering to help out with the work needed for a conference coming up. It doesn't sound like a great deal of work, and I suppose it will look reasonably good that I'm involved with the research community. Much better than driving hundreds of miles to get away from them, which is what happened when I was due to give a paper at one in December.


Heather said...

You make me laugh! Give them the 60p one pence at a time! hehe

stu said...

And I happened to do it on the day when everybody else was clearing £150-£200 debts, so I can't imagine what the rest of the queue were thinking.