Thursday, 28 August 2008

Random Academic Thoughts

  • Have you noticed that, in acedemia, everyone talks about interdisciplinary study? But how many people genuinely bother reading works from other areas of study? (I write this with a bookmark sticking out of an introduction to social anthropology, which I'm reading for no apparent reason)
  • Why do so many economists insist on thinking of their subject as a hard science? Surely it makes more sense to see it as largely a subset of work in group psychology.
  • Why is there always someone in every academic year group who doesn't go to any lectures? Why, when it's a friend of mine who shall remain nameless, does he then go on to pass everything with excellent marks?
  • Do History and Archaeology departments get those jumpers at some sort of bulk rate? If so, where's mine?
  • How is it that tenured professors always seem to have acquired pieces of furniture for their offices that can't possibly have fitted through the doors?
  • Have you noticed that lecturers fall into two basic categories? There are the ones who wear suits all the time, and there are the ones who leave them behind the office door in case a meeting shows up unexpectedly.

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