Thursday, 7 August 2008

A List of Things...

...that interest me. An assortment of random things that my brain occasionally alights on like some grey, squishy butterfly. Principally as a way of reminding myself that I care about more than just writing, writing and more writing.

  1. Medieval history, funnily enough.
  2. The physics of spheres moving through the air. I know more about the magnus/robins effect, boundary layers and wake effects than I ever really thought I'd want to, thanks to an interest in why cricket balls do what I don't want them to.
  3. Cricket.
  4. Music.
  5. Music theory.
  6. The fine detail of how physical actions work. Tiny changes in the way we use our bodies can make a huge difference in the results.
  7. The broad principles behind things. I like the idea that most things can be understood in broad terms which are then useful elsewhere.
  8. The Roman invasion of Britain. Particularly the process of 'romanisation' that Martin Millet posited years ago.
  9. Fencing. But only sabre. Prodding people is boring.
  10. The role of persuasion in the history of ideas, particularly the thought that occasionally real change occurred by either mentioning an idea over and over until people accepted it as natural or by persuading them that it had already happened.
  11. Books.
  12. The internal rhythms of poetry.
  13. Cheese.
  14. Cats.
  15. Martial arts and methods of self defence, though less than they did. Maybe it's the constant insistence from arrogant eighteen year olds that nothing but what they do works.
  16. The horrors being perpetrated against the English language by: Texters, youth culture, inventors of business jargon, my local council.
  17. Mathematics, which is a bit unfortunate since I've forgotten most of what I was taught. Medieval counting mostly seems to have gone 1,2,3...10,11, a great innumerable horde. Actually, that's not true, except for armies, where it is.
  18. Anthropology, Archeology, Psychology, Sociology, etc... Basically, if it's an ology, I'll try and read bits of it to understand the history stuff better. Also because each subject seems to spend time reinventing the wheel, going over ground that the others have already done.
  19. The basic questions of philosophy, which isn't the same thing as being interested in philosophers. Most of them couldn't write coherently, fudged key sections of argument, and seem to have been principally interested in telling us we couldn't know anything.
  20. Writing. I had to get it in somewhere.


Lisa Guidarini said...

I find it entertaining prodding people and animals. I usually don't use a sword. I find they're satisfyingly annoyed by an index finger.

stu said...

Do you often find that family pets and complete strangers are quite annoyed with you for no apparent reason? If so, it might be that.

Andi said...

Cats and cheese. I think they'd appreciate being that close together on the list really.

stu said...

Unfortunately, there's always a faint worry that Bill will eat all the cheese, leaving a big blank space, and a very fat cat.