Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Estella's Up

The new edition of Estella's Revenge is up, featuring, among other loveliness, my know it all awards for literature. The link ought to be somewhere vaguely to your left.

In a completely unconnected, heartfelt plea to the universe as a whole, would someone somewhere please submit something to the Ancient Hearts Zine. Being the first contributor to the new online incarnation is kind of cool. Being the only contributor ever slightly less so. There's such a thing as taking exclusivity too far.


betweenplace said...

I love "36 Watts" and I doubt that I can compete with such beautiful writing, but I made a submission. First time ever. Wish me luck. :)

stu said...

Good luck, and also good poem, since it's up there and I've seen it.

betweenplace said...

Perhaps they're not getting enough submissions to be choosy??? ;)


Stephanie said...

Nice entry in Estella's Revenge, Stu! As a fan of Jasper Fforde, and the title of your award for him made me laugh. Thanks for the good read as always!