Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Brushes with Fame

Sparked by a question from a meme I can't remember the location to. I really must look that up. The question: have you ever met anybody famous. The answer: probably not.

Some people, it seems, are constantly running into celebraties. Take my father, for example, who once spent an evening drinking with Robert Plant in a hotel bar, but on the bartender saying 'you know who that is, don't you? That's Robert Plant, from Led Zeppelin.' found himself thinking 'What's a Led Zeppellin?'. His taste in music didn't get much beyond Dave Brubeck. Given that he also spent some time chatting to Bruce Dickenson (of Iron Maiden fame) at a fencing tournament I was taking part in, I've got to wonder if he's a magnet for that sort of thing. Apparently Mr Dickenson rather liked my mother's baking, since he devoured most of the apple pie she'd put towards the catering for the event. I was too busy getting beaten on a completely different piste to notice.

My own closest brush with the famous comes from sitting on a train leaving Coventry which was delayed a little after going down the wrong track. The rather rotund gentleman opposite me made a number of jokes about it, but really I found him a bit annoying. It only occurred to me later that this chap looked and sounded remarkably like comedian and presenter Phil Jupitus.

On the other hand, I know James Hunt, Eric Coates and David Starkey. Sadly they aren't those James Hunts, Eric Coates and David Starkeys. James is not a dead motor racer, but a fellow fencer. Eric is my next door neighbour, but has to my knowledge never composed the theme for any major motion pictures. David is not the TV historian, but is rather the other, non-TV one.

It just goes to show... though exactly what it goes to show I'm not sure.

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