Sunday, 27 July 2008

Writing Prompts

Some assorted writing prompts, all taken from things I've had to do in the course of writing other pieces. I've pulled them back to basics, so that they're nice and general. In fact, I might take a few of them and use them in other places now.

  1. Your main character has to do something rather unusual to claim an inheritance.
  2. Write a conversation with a plant.
  3. A new creation myth for the world.
  4. The hero is being chased by assorted worst nightmares.
  5. A parody of the traditional saloon bar fight.
  6. The main character finds a receipt for something that shouldn't exist.
  7. Why happiness isn't always a good thing.
  8. The world's strangest escape attempt


Andi said...

Stu, do you mind if I use these - with credit given to you of course - in my creative writing class, maybe even linking them to a textbook I'm co-writing?

stu said...

You're perfectly welcome to use them. I only hope your students manage something a tiny bit more normal than I managed.