Saturday, 26 July 2008


  • I've been reading my way through most of Robert Asprin's Myth Inc series, which is a lot of fun. Possibly a little heavy handed when it comes to handing out the life lessons, but very funny anyway.
  • 20Twenty finals day today, which should be worth watching. Then again, I really want to get some writing done, so I might be running back and forth between the computer and the TV a lot.
  • Haven't written anything except on the novel in a few days. I should probably try a bit of poetry or something just to keep from getting too obsessed. Though it's probably too late for that.
  • Funny how I go through phases when it comes to musical taste. A week ago and it was practically all folk, jazz and fusion. Now I seem to have gone all metal again.


Sven said...

Wow, the Myth Inc books. That takes me back. Been too long since I've read them, I loved that series.

stu said...

I know. I read a few as a kid, and then when one or two showed up in a local secondhand bookshop I had to re-read them.