Saturday, 19 July 2008

Point of View Thoughts

One thing I've been doing with a couple of the things I'm working on is focussing on different characters in different scenes. This is entirely normal for the sort of third person viewpoint I'm working with, but since I've done a lot of my previous writing in 1st person, it's presenting some interesting challenges. The main one is to capture their different personalities and voices without slipping out of the third person, using the change of viewpoint to illuminate them differently rather than simply for it's own sake. The other main challenge (and as we know after years of having business jargon people telling us it there are no problems, only challenges) is to work around the fact that logically they would know slightly different amounts about some of the central issues of the work. I'm currently working around it by using it almost as foreshadowing, letting them suspect and hint at thoughts without actually confirming them until the main character catches up. So far it seems to be working, and fairly transparently.

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