Friday, 11 July 2008

The 28,000 Curse

28,000 words has traditionally been a stopping point of sorts for me. Some writers have trouble starting, some have awkward spots right at the end when they realise that they're running out of words and they still haven't tied everything up (one look at any Richard Adams ending should prove that) for me, it's 28 000 words. I don't know why, though I imagine it has something to do with that being about as far as I can push in an initial burst of enthusiasm. The question is what happens after that? I have several false starts filed away, and a couple of others that I deleted. Hopefully, this won't be one of them. I have a plan that's stronger than usual. I know the story, and I'm enjoying the business of making the elements that go together to produce it as much fun as possible. Even so, I'll feel better when I hit 30000.

Having mentioned a couple of filed away pieces, it seems appropriate to note that I tend to hoard old pieces, forgetting about them until I finally drag them out of the hard drive. I've spent the day rooting through old stuff and sending off a couple of pieces that I forgot about after the initial fun of writing them. That's kind of the problem. I love the writing side of things so much that I sometimes leave the selling side of it in favour of... more writing. I still haven't done much with the last novel since the publisher went down. I've just been too caught up in getting past that magic 30000 mark.

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