Monday, 28 July 2008

20/20 Finals

I saw some of Twenty20 finals day on Saturday, and it was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed watching Dirk Nannes bowl, mostly because his story's a little odd. Now a 90mph left armer, until a couple of years ago he hadn't really played cricket, he was too busy competing internationally as a skier. He also speaks Japanese and plays the saxaphone, presumably not at the same time. Bizarrely, he seems to be qualified to play cricket for Holland, which means we might never see him in the Test arena (Holland not being a Test playing country), but he certainly helped Middlesex to their victories. Also, congratulations to Middlesex on their decision to wear pink Twenty20 kit this year and donate the procedes from mecendising on it to breast cancer research.

I also managed to get another 4000 words written, which is good, but would have been more had I not got stuck asking what happens when assorted nightmare creatures decide to head for the nearest pub. Maybe I'll get some more done today, but I've got work to do on the PhD first.

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