Friday, 13 June 2008

A view down my drive

A quick photo of the view down my driveway, and some assorted thoughts.

1- Chapter 3 of the new novel is done, but I seem to be putting off doing more with the old stuff.

2- Sprung Rhythm is a lot easier to understand than I thought.

3- The various forms of partial rhyme are almost as much fun as the full stuff- almost.

4- I've signed up with a temp agency, and as part of it I had to do a computer skills assessment. It seems I can type faster than I thought.

5- I really have no sense of direction. I played cricket a couple of days ago at a place that is nominally my home ground, even though I haven't played there before this year. I still had to follow signposts carefully, and was convinced I was going the wrong way on the way back.


Andi said...

That shade of pink is perfect - like the color of the inside of a healthy mouth. A lollipop . . . a cat's tongue.

Glad to hear the book progresses.

Andi said...

I'll definitely trade you. My driveway isn't nearly so charming.

stu said...

Which brings me nicely to thoughts of my cat Bill, who I'd swear is part anteater. He has the hugest tongue of any cat I've ever seen.

As for the driveway, it certainly cuts down on the number of people coming round to try and sell us stuff.