Sunday, 8 June 2008

Cats and things done

This is Bill, proving that cats, like gasses, expand to fill all available space.

Well, England won the test match comfortably in the end. I've written a couple of short poems, and the beginnings of an article. I've also been contemplating a couple of other ideas, but I suspect they might be a bit too close to home to write. Besides, I have the novel writing to keep me busy. I really must do more on that. After I redraft the next chapter of the PhD, of course.

A couple of things have got me thinking that sometimes people tend to revert to ways of doing things that feel natural to them, no matter how hard they try to work in other ways. One of the more interesting was hearing a story about the guitarist George Lynch, who apparently went through a stage of taking classical guitar lessons after becoming dissatisfied with his approach. For a brief while, he sounded completely different, almost neo-classical (which is a term guarranteed to annoy any architects or classical musicians around). The moment he stopped taking lessons though, he flicked straight back into his normal sound. Sometimes, I suspect that ignoring what comes naturally to us in favour of the 'correct' approach takes far too much effort.

And this is Joe, wondering what I'm doing with that bleeping camera thingie.


Andi said...

Awwww, I love cats even though I don't have any. I'm dreadfully allergic to cats. It's horrible. I love admiring them from a distance, though.

stu said...

It would have to be a distance with Joe, he's scared of people. Bill, on the other hand, will go to anyone who offers him cheese.

Andi said...

Ahh, cheese. I'll go to anyone who offers it to me as well.