Friday, 27 June 2008

Ambling Along (grumpily)

  • Still ambling along, producing new bits for the novel as my brain comes into focus. This is much slower than other things I've written, but maybe that's just me putting more into each sentence. It could also be that 3rd Person is just that much more difficult for me than 1st.
  • Looks like I'll be putting myself further into debt at exactly the wrong time, since I'm getting little or no response on the job hunt front. In its infinite wisdom, the British Government is quite happy to offer a mixture of loans and grants to undergrads with only the minimum of fuss, but anything postgraduate you're on your own for. That's fine, I know that practically everywhere else in the world you're paying for most of your education anyway, but it's something they never say very loudly. I guess no Government wants to tell you about what they're not doing, but this means you don't even get chance to build up a college fund for the contingency. More to the point, postgrads don't even have access to the same loans system as the undergrads, so we're paying high street rates for any loan we take out to cover fees and living expenses.
  • I've moved most of my finished work from the clapped out computer I like to work on down onto this one, so that if I get a sudden urge to submit it I'm not put off by the messing around involved in transferring it from one to the other. I guess at some point I'm going to have to stop using my current one, since it will only write to floppy disc. I certainly can't find a USB port on it anywhere.
  • I finally get picked for a cricket match last night and it rains. Typical.


Lisa Guidarini said...

Stu, I get a $ 1,000 reimbursement per semester from the library. They're helping me get through library school as it'll be a good thing for them ultimately having another librarian already familiar with the people, the workings, etc. Could you possibly find a job that offers partial tuition reimbursement. That helps an awful lot.

Lisa Guidarini said...

Oh, and re: the novel, best of luck with that. I'm at the point I don't believe I'll ever write one. I try now and then, but I lack the stamina. Then I read brilliant novels and think there's no way I could ever be that talented. So the only reason I write now is for the fun of it. That's taken a load of stress off me.

stu said...

It's a thought about finding a potential job to sponsor me that way, though I suspect it's more something that applies to directly vocational courses.

Novels seem to be less about stamina than an initial burst of obsessive work followed by a clear plan to chip away at.

Andi said...

Stu, sorry that cricket got rained out - and even more sorry that the job hunt is poor. That is a shame.

Might I suggest that you post about cricket - someone once explained the scoring rules to me - as we played darts in a pub in Cheltenham in fact - but I've long forgotten.

And if it's any consolation, you won my giveaway - check out the blog. Congrats.

stu said...

I'm delighted to have won. Trying to understand the laws of cricket while playing darts though? It sounds like a recipe for confusion. I can imagine coming away thinking you've got to retire at 180 runs or start off with a double.