Monday, 26 May 2008

Writing Things

A quick response from the publisher, saying that they're not considering new material at the moment. At least I found out before I sent them anything more than a query. On to the next one, I guess.

Writing to a stronger plan than usual is working out fairly well at the moment, letting me concentrate more on the way I choose to show what's happening, rather than on what's going on. The only slight problem is remembering to stick to it. I almost made my main character considerably more unpleasant than he actually is yesterday, but managed to pull it back in time. Seriously flawed I can live with, totally obnoxious I can't.

I also got a poem written last night. I've decided to try writing a cluster of poems linked by a common theme, mostly to see if I can. I want to see if, instead of waiting around for inspiration, I can go out and hunt it down. Now all I need is a suitably large net. No, hang on, that's butterflies, isn't it? Not that I've ever gone butterfly collecting. They look better flying about, and they give the cats something to chase.


April Boland said...

I'm thinking of entering this... thought of you:

stu said...

Thanks for mentioning this, I think I might give it a go. Now, to write a bunch of villanelles, decide on June 14th that they're all rubbish, and send something I've already written.