Thursday, 22 May 2008

winning ugly

I've made an initial enquiry to a publisher, as I said I would. See, I do occasionally remember to do things. I forget other things though. I was just nicely finishing off chapter 1 of the new piece when my brother reminded me that I was due to play cricket tonight, forcing a hurried collection of kit from assorted corners.

I'm glad he reminded me, because I finally got to bowl. 3 wickets for 11 runs is a good return for three overs (non-cricket people will have to trust me on this), particularly since it's been so long since I've bowled that I was extremely rusty. In a way that relates to writing. It's important that you're writing not just on the days when you feel really great and inspired, but also on the bad days. A few hundred words here and there can really add up, and if you stick to the fundamentals of writing, it can still be good stuff. In sport they call it 'winning ugly' or, in my case 'lobbing the ball vaguely into the air and waiting for people to miss.'


Heather said...

LOL Glad you finally got to play. I've joined a softball team which should be good for a laugh - I'm hoping people will also 'miss'

Heather said...

By the way, looking forward to reading that first novel of yours!! :)

Andi said...

I love the cricket analogy, and I'd love even more if I could understand cricket - I think it's a defect in my American upbringing. . . But that idea of pushing forward . . . that I get.

Lisa Guidarini said...

Bit of a sticky wicket, wot?

(No, I have no idea what I just said. I only speak American, but I do that real good.)

stu said...

Heather- good luck with the softball.

Andi- You'd probably be surprised to know that the first international cricket match was between the USA and Canada.

Lisa- Thanks, a sticky wicket is when the playing surface has been very wet and has just started to dry out. The ball does scary things when it lands as a result.