Friday, 30 May 2008

The villanelle contest

So, I've written my entries for the villanelle contest and sent them off. There was a weird point before I checked the guidelines again when I thought you could only send one poem, and had to try and find a way of picking one without the benefit of a cooling off period after writing. In the end, I resorted to asking family (not to mention my cats, who weren't terribly helpful. Don't they know that after T.S. Eliot, they're supposed to be poetic animals?). Thankfully, I re-read the rules and decided to send a small selection. One I decided against sending, for reasons that should be fairly obvious, is below.

On Writing Villanelles

This really isn't going well
Although I do the best I can
This bloody awkward villanelle

I think, dear reader, you can tell
It hardly rhymes and barely scans
This really isn't going well

I throw the words down here pell-mell
Reduced to rhyming with Iran
This bloody awkward villanelle

Just like a sprinting man who fell
The words limp in where once they ran
This really isn't going well

This has become my rhyming hell
I wish the Government would ban
These bloody awkward villanelles

At last they ring the final bell
This villanelle can go and hang
This really isn't going well
This bloody awkward villanelle


Stephanie said...

Maybe not submittable, but it made me laugh!

stu said...

Thanks. Not bad for something done at one AM.