Saturday, 24 May 2008

Things Finished

I've finished Stephanie Meyer's New Moon and moved onto Eclipse, which so far I'm finding very readable. One slight complaint with both books is that Bella, the central character, is a little on the whiney, helpless side. The books seem largely to be about a sucession of things that happen around her, rather than things she does. They're beautifully executed nevertheless, and use the supernatural elements perfectly as metaphors for the perils of growing up.

Other things I've finished in the last couple of days: Chapter 1 of the new novel, which (so far at least) is managing to be funny without losing sight of the serious story underneath. A couple of poems. A proposal to do some fairly regular writing as a columist.

I've also sucessfully managed to avoid watching Hull City win promotion to soccer's premier league. As someone who can't stand the game, but who lives near Hull, that's been quite hard work. Practically everyone else in the city has been obsessed with it for the past week or so.

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