Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Submissions 2

It's strange, the feeling that comes immediately after submitting something. As well as the usual ( 'What have I done? It's awful... AWFUL I TELL YOU!') There's always the feeling of anticipation, wondering what the editor will think. Of course, since editors are such busy people, by the time a reply normally comes I've not only lost that feeling but also completely forgotten that I sent anything in the first place. This is my first short story submission for a while, so hopefully I'll get a positive response. Even if I don't, it seems better to make the effort to send the stuff out than to just sit on it and wonder.


Stephanie said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts for your submission!

And I really need to follow your example and get submitting. I've been sitting on some stories for months now.

Do you ever find that the more opinions you get on a story from your friendly readers the less likely you are to submit it? I feel like my stories keep getting caught in this "well I just need to fix that one vague problem so-and-so had with it" kind of place.

Or is that just me?

stu said...

I get the urge to fix things, but usually, if they've pronounced it good, it's a confidence boost on the sending it out front. Of course, different people will see different things in the same work. Sometimes you need the one who will point out the tiny problem on page 4. Sometimes, you need the one who'll say 'it's great, now send it out already.'