Saturday, 10 May 2008

One long poem, one short one

A while ago I put up something about writing sestinas ( Here is one, written shortly after the blood collection people showed up at the university. They have a talent for arriving on the same day as one of our fencing practises, meaning that about half of the people there barely have the energy to move. The second 'poem' probably doesn't deserve the term, but it's kind of fun.

Giving Blood (A Sestina)
When I went out to give blood
I gave away some tiny part of life
in dripping moments spent lying still
Waiting for this fuel for other bodies
to pass from mine, exchanged for biscuits
sugared tea, and brief pride in helping

I wonder if it’s really helping
This time spent giving blood
munching biscuits
A day out of my life
spent playing at being bodies
and keeping still

I can’t think long like that. Still,
I wonder who this drop will be helping
Into which needy bodies
they’ll pour out this pint of blood
Will they smile to receive my life?
Will they get biscuits?

Soon we have finished off the biscuits
and there’s no more need for staying still
I can get on with life
And know that I’m still helping
That just by giving up this blood
I’m saving other bodies

I think about the bodies
I’ve seen in morgues, like biscuits
In neat rows, their blood
pooled in lividity, so very still
That is why I’m helping
So a few more might have life

That is why we give up life
in drips and drabs, pulled from bodies
by the nurses who are helping
Exchanged for these poor biscuits
It’s worth the price of staying still
and the weakness of lost blood

A Poem About Cheese

Wensledayle and Cheddar
Red Leicester and Brie
My favourite cheese of all of them
is cheese that is in me


Heather said...

LOL Both are great but the cheese one is really my favourite!

stu said...

Mine as well. The other, I did more for practise with sestinas than anything.