Monday, 5 May 2008

A minor rant

In the absence of much else to write, it seems like an awfully good moment to mention one of my pet hates: idiots who scribble comments in the margins of library books. I'm raising this now because I'm reading Christopher Marlowe's The Jew of Malta, and it seems that there's more in pencil than in print.

Now, I'm not a fan of doing this even when the books are mine to write in, because I tend to think that extra notes kind of impose my earlier impressions on my current attempt to read the text. I get really annoyed though when someone chooses to do it with a book that isn't even theirs. My biggest complaint isn't just on the graffiti front; it's that most of the people who write these comments seem to be imberciles with a talent for stating the obvious. To take just one example, next to Bararbas in the Dramatis Personae they've written 'The Main Guy!!' (apparently this is where all the spare exclaimation marks go.) Why they should feel the need to point this out (and why they don't know the word protagonist as, I presume, some sort of English student) I'll never know.

The worst part is that after a while you get used to filtering this stuff out, so that on the incredibly rare occasions that someone has made a helpful observation, you miss it. I'm talking about little things like corrections to Hull's copy of the old translation of Domesday Book made by the team who put together an electronic database version. Or occasionally someone will put in a note pointing the way to an incredibly obscure article. Of course, I'm mostly just being grumpy because I don't like reminders that everyone else has read the thing before me.

On a slightly lighter note, Brandesburton cricket club got off to a good start to the season on Saturday when we beat Flamborough. Well I say we, but I wasn't playing, not having been picked for the first team. That's fair enough, except that there's a good chance of not being picked for the seconds either. The firsts have acquired a new spinner from somewhere, which would mean my demotion in most clubs, but I have a suspicion the second team captain will prove very attatched to his existing spin line up (especially since he's one of them). Given the additional collapse of the evening league side, it might be time to start sounding out other clubs.


Stephanie said...

"The Main Guy!!"

Ha! I may just steal that note for a blog post someday. Too funny.

stu said...

Feel free to steal it, just as someone had obviously stolen the brain of the student in question.