Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Incremental Progress

Some days, the best I can hope for with pieces is incremental progress; a hundred words more on this, a few hundred more on that. Today was a little better than that, because I got a first draft of an article done, while writing a little on the new novel and on the synopsis for the last one.

I'm having to re-write that from scratch, having lost the original synopsis a while back. Writing it shows the difference between the way I was writing at the start of 2007 and the way I'm writing today. The central story doesn't come through quite as strongly as in things I'm writing now. The diversions are connected in, but not integral parts of the whole. The story arc does a wierd kind of double finish that works, more or less, but which I wasn't originally intending. Writing things in their simplest form, these things are easy to see, but they're less visible in the whole thing. Perhaps that's just because the style and the characters carry things a little more there.

Cats are odd. One of mine will jump up and sit on the downstairs window ledges, waiting to be let in through the window. The other one wants nothing to do with it, and patiently waits outside the front door for me to walk round and let him in. What's worse, I do it.


Andi said...

increments are still progress - be proud! and you have to concede to a cat (and to writing) there is no other way.

stu said...

But when it gets to the point where he's trying to push me out of chairs, it's going too far.

Lisa Guidarini said...

I've decided all fiction I write is shite.

And I have two cats. One of them thinks anything on the floor is a litter box (in case that doesn't translate, litter box = acceptable receptacle for bodily eliminations of cats), including: guitar cases, backpacks, purses, boxes and anything of square or rectangular shape.

On the other hand, they are ADORABLE and would ship well to the UK. Isn't it your birthday soon or something?