Saturday, 3 May 2008

Estella's Up

Firstly, this month's edition of Estella's Revenge is up, and as usual it looks well worth reading. My article, 'A Sense of Place' is in there, so of course I would say that. But really, it is.

Secondly, Hull Uni Fencing team's final training session before exams resulted in yet another injury. Our outgoing president took a hard hit to the mask, which knocked it back hard enough to rip open his eyelid and leave a large swelling over the eye. Since the eye was swollen shut, he spent the first few seconds worried about damage to the eye. Thankfully, it mostly looked to be just the sort of swollen eye a boxer might suffer. Of course, thanks to a miscommunication on the initial accident report form, it went down as 'poked in the eye with a sword'. We must look like the most accident prone group out there at the moment.

I've just started reading Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, and so far it's good.


April Boland said...

Great job on the article.

Thanks for the kind notes on my blog.

stu said...

Thanks. It's always nice to know that these things are getting read.

Stephanie said...

Great article. It made me think of Raymond Chandler's mysteries and their close relationship with the city of Los Angeles. They simply could not take place in any other city.

In film school, setting was often described as one of the primary characters of the film. I think you can see and feel the impact of a well captured setting in some of the best films: Chinatown, Annie Hall, Lawrence of Arabia, and on and on.

In other words, I couldn't agree more.

stu said...

As someone who reads far too much fantasy, I do occasionally run into authors who take it too far. They've come up with an amazing world (probably drawing a very detailed map of it for the inside front cover) but forgotten to create any interesting characters in it.