Saturday, 19 April 2008

Things I've Been Doing Today

1- Wondering what my friend Adam will make of the novel, since I gave him a copy last night. I figured someone should read it.

2- Reading The Fourth Bear, A Beginner's Guide to Wittgenstein, and The Anatomy of Story. The first of these is entertaining, the second mildly confusing, and the third makes me wonder how anybody ever gets anything written.

3- Guitar practise for the first time in several days. The new Satriani album helped inspire this one, but I should probably play more regularly if I want to keep my hands up to speed. Also, trying to improvise the illusion of separate bass and melody lines is surprisingly fun once you have the hang of it.

4- Recovering from a tough fencing session. I spent about an hour last night working with my friend Olly, and as a result I'm a little exhausted today. Taking on someone who is not only better than me but also seven inches taller is hard work. A few more sessions like that and I might even be able to keep up in Sheffield.

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