Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Some Photos

Today, I had an assessment to be an exam support worker at my university. That's a fancy way of saying a scribe. It was fairly simple in approach; they read stuff out and I wrote it down by hand and on computer. I remembered part way through why I used to hate exams so much. I don't write quickly and my hand tends to cramp up if I try to push it. The typing section wasn't much better. The only consolation was that everybody taking the assessment seemed to find it almost as difficult, so perhaps I wasn't the worst.

To make myself feel better, I've bought a copy of Kim Harrison' s new book, Where Demons Dare. I've also decided to liven things up here a bit by working out how to post photos. These were all taken on a cheap (and, to me, free) digital camera, and I make no claims to any sort of photographic talent. The most I can say is that I've tried to listen to my brother, who is into photography. These were all taken in my back garden.

I got this one at sunset, looking out towards Beverley. It's an angle that conveniently ignores agricultural machinery, the local ambulance station, and the rest of the world. And yes, the sky was that colour before the picture hit photoshop.

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