Tuesday, 15 April 2008

One Thousand and Sixty-Six Rewrites

There are days when I hate history. It can just be so boring, not to mention having few real uses. But then, this could just be me thinking about the prospect of having to rewrite the first chapter of the PhD again, this time to include more on the published work on Domesday Book. It doesn't help that I came back through the English Department and made the mistake of glancing at their module choices board. All those fun looking courses on things I would be reading anyway.

On the other hand, practically every student I've met gets that 'grass is greener on the other side' feeling from time to time. The law students like the idea of philosophy, the English students would quite like to do chemistry, and a few of them even seem to think that a PhD in medieval history is a lot more impressive than what they're doing. Poor deluded fools.

On a fencing note, one of our beginners suffered a dislocated knee last night, though it popped straight back in. It's odd that some people (like me so far), can play a sport for decades without serious injury, and then something like that can hit someone else after only a few months.


April Boland said...

I think when you focus so much on one subject, you get bored and drift. I know I would get 'grass is greener' syndrome in a Ph.D. program, and probably sooner than most.

stu said...

Yes, you're probably right. It doesn't help that I'm quite easily bored, of course.