Monday, 14 April 2008

An Old Aquaintance

A quick look through the blog profiles has revealed the blog of a guy I used to play cricket with. Anyone with a suitably obsessive interest in model trains should check out the link to eastmoor models below. He's a good model maker, but last time I saw him in action, the off-spin needed work.

Also, I got bored with my template and switched. I think this looks better.

On the novel front, I've decided to concentrate my efforts on the one I've just begun, starting with an almost complete rework. I've been reading various books on novel writing, and while none of them ever seem to be written by the world's greatest authors, they have helped me to realise that part of the reason I've been avoiding working too much on this one is that I don't like the central character very much. I think the best thing I can do is rework it with the character I'm most interested in at the heart of the thing.

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