Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wednesday Stuff

What can I say? I have a talent for titles.

I finished off the short story using the method I got from Anatomy of Story and it's turned out pretty well. The ending is certainly more coherent than some of my short stories. Thanks to some positive feedback from my 'is this any good after all' readers, I've also reached the point where I'm happy to start sending out the novel again, and I've just realised that there's a publisher who specialises in fantasy and horror just up the road from me. It seems better than sending it half way round the world like last time.

I enjoyed Pygmalion, particularly the playfulness with accents. Beowulf, on the other hand, I didn't finish. Perhaps it was because I've read it before, though I suspect it didn't help that I kept remembering a comment from one of Terry Pratchett's novels, made by a random barbarian hero. 'I fought a monster the other day and its mum came round to complain.' It's hard to take Gredel's mother's desire for revenge seriously when you're reduced to thinking in terms of her as a parent showing up to complain that the other boys have been bullying her son.

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