Saturday, 26 April 2008

A bit tired

I was stupid enough to suggest 5 hits winner stays on at sabre when I was fencing last night. Without Olly there, I ended up fencing ten or twelve bouts in a row. I'm now half dead. Bulletpoints then.

  • I memorised Shakespeare's 18th sonnet last night on a whim. People don't remember poetry nearly as much as they used to. On the other hand, they can probably remember the lyrics to every song in their collection.
  • Just about ready to move from planning to writing on the short story, if I can find the energy.
  • People who do a little bit of history in their degrees invariably think they know all of it, meaning I end up trying to explain the problems with the concept of feudalism in a pub at some odd hour.
  • It turns out that Adam is the king of origami, though his efforts yesterday resulted in some sort of strange twirly thing.
  • Things I'm reading: Beowulf (Seamus Heany trans), Shakespeare's sonnets, Sandworms of Dune (Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson) Pygmalion (George Bernard Shaw)


April Boland said...

I had to memorize Sonnet 18 for a theatre audition when I was 13, and I still remember it. Glad to know there is another in the world :)

stu said...

You're not alone. Though I suspect we both pale in comparison with a couple of my friends, who seem to be able to quote lengthy sections of every poem they ever studied in English.