Thursday, 6 March 2008

World Book Day

So, it's world book day. What am I reading? Well, I'm re-reading Terry Pratchett's Making Money at the moment. It's probably not quite as good as some of his others, but it's still a fun read. Today though, it seems to be more a question of what I'm not reading. I have two or three books lying around unread, none of which I much feel like starting. I must have felt like reading them at some point, because otherwise I wouldn't have bought them, but I just never quite seem to be in the right mood. Maybe tomorrow.

I've finally cottoned on to the idea that prose and poetry require very different sorts of reading. With prose, I tend to get through it quickly, finishing with books in a day or two. With poetry, that doesn't seem like the right way to read. Instead of finishing a poem in thirty seconds, thinking 'that was nice' and leaving it, it seems better to read and re-read it over the course of a few days, letting it seep in. Of course, lots of things take different kinds of reading. You wouldn't read a textbook the same way as a short story, for example, in much the same way you wouldn't listen to classical music and rock in quite the same way.

Now if only I can find the right way of reading the books I'm leaving alone.


Lisa Guidarini said...

Whoops, World Book Day escaped me, to my utter shame.

I read everything more quickly than I should, slowing down most for beautifully, dense, poetic prose more than anything.

By the way, being in the library studies field, sometimes my reading (even academic) is actually enjoyable. Not always, but sometimes. We do have our dry scholars, too, like the rest of the disciplines, but one of my assignments now is to read a work of literary fiction. Woe is(n't) me!

stu said...

Whereas mine tend to be almost indecipherable charters. Life just isn't fair.