Saturday, 15 March 2008

Some Random Questions

1- Why, when very few of them appear to have been Brummies, do all English poets prior to 1900 insist on rhyming eye with eternity and infinity?

2- How exactly do you answer the interview question 'are you sure you won't be bored doing this job' without sounding either idiotic or arrogant?

3- Were plectrums (sorry pedantic people, plectra) designed in some way that allows them to magically jump to the back of sofas, the inside of odd pockets, etc?

4- Will my younger cat ever get tired of losing lumps of fur every time he pounces on my older, grumpier, cat?

5- Failing that, will he stop trying to devour my right foot?

6- Will Bangladesh ever start playing cricket well for more than 20 minutes at a time? (They're currently getting a bit of a kicking from South Africa)

7- If the plan for a short story ends up longer than the story is meant to be, has something gone horribly wrong?

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