Sunday, 9 March 2008

Short Story Sunday

I'm having to find a way of writing this that doesn't include the words 'England cricket team' because I suspect they will induce a rant. Suffice it to say that the 1st Test against New Zealand did not go well.

I read the Tom Holt short story 'Pizza to Go' earlier, as part of a general short story phase. Like most of his work it was very funny, though even he has trouble making a time travel based plot work without asking awkward questions. I think the Neil Gaiman story 'Shoggoth's Old Peculiar' is next on my list for re-reading, because if I remember rightly the combination of Lovecraftianisms, quirky English villages and real ale is a good one.


Terry Finley said...

How did you find these

Terry Finley

stu said...

An assortment of short story collections, mostly. The last two both appear in The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy, which has all sorts of good stuff in it.